Today in spellings we worked in pairs to discuss and identify the tricky parts of our spelling words.

We then worked in groups to develop strategies on how to remember the correct spellings!


Today in Maths, we have been learning about conversion between metric and imperial units. We worked in groups converting inches into centimetres to compare two lengths and then used tape measures to check our answers! 


Today in science we were investigating why the sun appears as though it is moving across the sky.

We discovered that night and day occurs as the Earth rotates on its axis, meaning one half is facing the sun- daylight- and the other is facing away – nighttime.


Today in Maths, we worked in groups to plan a school timetable that had to contain certain subjects for specified amounts of time! To deepen our learning, we had to design 5 questions based on the information presented in the timetable for other groups to answer!


In PE we have been working in groups to create a dance routine in the style of musical theatre! This week we incorporated a ‘step ball change’ into our routine!


Today in English we were writing dialogue between two main characters from our class novel. Then we read out our dialogue with intonation to embody the characters!

Science-Earth and Space

Today we introduced ourselves to our new topic of Earth and space by immersing ourselves into the solar system.  We learnt how the planets move in relation to the sun.


Today in art, we began to learn about collage by using watercolour and oil pastels to create our own collage paper.  This will form the background to present our artist information on.